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Jeffrey did a great job selling our house.

He is knowledgeable, professional and extremely detail oriented. My husband and I were impressed by his marketing skills and his work ethic. I highly recommend Jeffrey.

Marci Sawyer

We are writing this review to sing the praises of Jeffrey Crussell.

We cannot recommend him highly enough! Our story began when we received word that our landlord planned to sell the home we'd lived in for over 12 years. Needless to say we were fairly panicked. We soon discovered that the scarcity and cost of local rentals would prevent us from staying in the area we love. And so we decided the solution was to buy. The real estate market in California can be intimidating to a couple of novice, reluctant homebuyers. But we had no choice in the matter, and no idea where to turn. Then, miraculously, we found Jeffrey, and from the moment we met, we breathed a little easier. Jeffrey's confidence is infectious, and his good cheer and friendly optimism helped to calm our nerves. We explained our situation and he helped us find a perfect fit. Buying a home involves a steep learning curve, and we needed a quick education. Jeffrey is an empathetic and patient teacher. He understood our distress, held our hands through the entire process, and maintained contact with us on an almost daily basis. His knowledge of the real estate field runs deep. His navigation skills, honed by years of experience, guided us. A steady hand and a pleasant demeanor reassured us, as he negotiated a price that was agreeable to all. The few days it took for our offer to be accepted seemed like centuries. Again Jeffrey kept us calm while we waited for the answer. It's obvious from the start that, for Jeffrey, buying and selling property is not just an occupation, but a passion, to which he is scrupulously devoted. He has a code of honor that has earned our deepest respect and total trust. He completely altered our concept of a real estate broker and a businessman. Jeffrey has the utmost integrity, and a consciousness that is dedicated to the highest good for all concerned. Several times, after thanking him profusely for some incredibly considerate thing, he would smile and say "It's what I do", making it all seem so effortless. That's called humility...a quality that rounds out an amazing man and a rare one indeed. Thanks, Jeffrey.

Charles Meyer, Kelly Greene

Choosing a realtor can be like a blind date and an arranged marriage rolled into one.

We've been acquainted with Jeff for some time, but had never worked with him before - so it was incredibly reassuring to find how exceptional he is at his craft. For us, the two most important qualities were his professionalism and his patience. There were a lot of moving pieces in our home purchase, and he confidentially and methodically walked us through every one them. He truly has developed his business in the right way - long term relationships are key and Jeff understands the constant work that goes into maintaining his high standards. Whether buying or selling a home, I can't recommend Jeff highly enough.

Dave W

I used Jeffrey Crussell on my fourth 1031 exchange on a property in Ojai California.

His knowledge of Ojai; the inner workings of the town, the water issues, the local politics and all the benefits and challenges of the various neighborhoods was really helpful in assisting me in my decision of where to acquire a new property. His support extended past the close of escrow as he connected me with local contractors and introduced me to many new friends. I would definitely use him again.

PGT Trust

With the help of Jeffrey Crussell, we found our dream home in Ojai!

Our new property has everything we aways hoped to find in a home - space, gorgeous views, a pool, spa and fire pit as well as the house layout that is just perfect for us. Buying a home these days can be daunting, but Jeff was there for us every inch of the way, explaining what to expect and keeping us calm and positive so that we overcame every barrier with ease. He truly is the best realtor we've ever had the privilege of knowing. If you're looking for your dream home, Jeff is the guy to call! ~ Pauline & David Campbell

Pauline and David Campbell

Jeffrey did a great job selling our home.

He is knowledgeable, professional and detail oriented. His follow through was excellent. My husband and I were impressed by his marketing skills and the amount of work he put into selling our house. I would highly recommend Jeffrey.

Marci Sawyer

We are new to buying and selling a home.

Jeffrey was very patient with us, spent time answering our questions, and made us feel very comfortable throughout the process. He always gave his honest opinion on the different properties that we viewed and never pressured us so he can make a sale. He is very passionate about what he does and it shows. He's also very responsive with emails, phone calls, and even house calls. DO NOT hesitate to use Jeffrey as your realtor! He will get things done for you and help you find the home of your dreams.

Joan and Michael Lyle

Jeff tended to the process very well - staying on top of each development, informing us ahead of time as to what was coming up, and answering all questions in a timely manner Even though he was representing the seller and us, the buyer, he seemed very fair and followed the rules very well.

Joseph Woollett

Working with Jeffrey on the sale of my house was a pleasure.

His many years of experience and knowledge as an architectural designer was something that really appealed to me. As a first time seller I had many questions and anxieties. Jeffrey was always happy to spend time with me and give me answers. When I decided to move forward with the sale of the house he worked out very useful and visual calendars for me to follow, regarding when repairs should be completed, the removal of clutter and the best way to stage/show the house to its greatest advantage, to name just a few. Later in the process these calendars also highlighted the different stages of escrow and the things I needed to prepare for. Jeffrey was also helpful when offers finally came in, advising me on the pros and cons of each, without ever pushing me in one direction. I always felt like the decision making was in my court. In these difficult times of COVID19 Jeffrey made sure that the showings at my house were well organized and safe - as safety for my family was a big concern. I would definitely recommend using his services and am looking forward to purchasing a new home with his help. Greg Myler

Greg Myler

Jeffrey helped my family purchase a piece of land in Joshua tree.

First I want to say Jeffrey is great at making a transaction go smooth and stress free. I have dealt with other transactions and realtors in the past and it has never gone so smooth. He is honest, fair, kind and has all the parties involved best interests. He not only had a detailed schedule of the entire process but checked in regularly. The team of RE professionals around him are also top notch and handled everything with ease. It was refreshing to meet a Realtor that wasn't just about the money or the transaction but who took interest in you personally and built a relationship. I still feel if I had a question about the area or advice on something I can reach out anytime and he would be there to help. Real estate transactions shouldn't be stressful and can go smoothly. Hire Jeffrey if that's the experience you want.  Chris Manos

Chris Manos

My husband and I thought the process of buying our second home would be more stressful than our first!

When we first walked into our home during an open house and met Jeffrey we knew right then it would be different. He made us feel extremely comfortable by educating us on the home, taking us on a tour and explaining his community involvement. When we left that day we immediately said.."let's put an offer in!" I truly believe that after meeting Jeffrey and seeing his passion for the neighborhood made us want to live there. After moving in Jeffrey has been wonderful about hosting events and bringing us all together to enjoy our amazing new home. Thank you Jeffrey!

Jeff and Kacy Trenschel

I was very fortunate to have Jeffrey Crussell as my realtor.

I have worked with many other realtors in the past and from the very beginning I could tell this was going to be a different experience. Jeffrey guided me step-by-step through the process of selling my property and made me feel very comfortable about any concerns or questions that arose. His preparation in getting my property listed exceeded any expectations I had. Jeffrey's incredible responsiveness, attention to detail, and overall wonderful demeanor made this usually daunting process enjoyable. It's very obvious how much he enjoys what he does. I would highly recommend Jeffrey for your real estate endeavors. I know I plan to reach out to him again in the future.

Scottie Simerly

I recently worked with Jeff in closing a purchase transaction for his buyer and he was completely professional in the handling of an investment property for his client.

With the new regulations and restrictions placed on lenders today, Jeff was able to assist the borrower and us in navigating through the lending process. He was in contact with me throughout the escrow period so that the approval came in a timely manner and was helpful in closing the loan and transaction. It is refreshing to know that as an agent, he is involved with the buyer and able to give support when needed. Jeff also brings a real benefit to his clients because of his extensive background in architecture and architectural design. Because of his expertise this these fields, he adds a dimension to his service that few real estate agents possess. This is especially helpful when looking at the true value of a property or assessing options for improving an investment or home purchase. As a lender, it is a pleasure to work with Jeff and would wholeheartedly recommend him as a qualified real estate professional.

Dan Wood

Jeff has been a great agent in helping us to sell our home.

He is personable and available when we needed him. He spent many hours comparing similar neighborhood homes for sale to our home during our listing, and we had several open house days. I was particularly impressed when he offered to do and did the advertising for our neighborhood garage sale, which brought in people from outside the local neighborhood to see our home. Yes, we would recommend him and use him again as our agent.


I am writing this review in appreciation of Jeffrey Crussell for successfully helping me a find me a great new property for my 1031 exchange.

Jeffrey went above and beyond his responsibilities making things move smoothly during a complicated transaction. He is a skilled negotiator who helped me get a great deal. He is not only knowledgeable about real estate but his understanding of architecture was an asset. He displayed the highest attention to every detail of the process. He is very well educated, easy to reach, friendly, and a great listener! As a real estate investor and developer, I would definitely recommend and choose him for all my future real estate transactions.

PAG Trust

We were the buyers and Jeff represented the sellers.

Since first meeting Jeff, he has been very kind and helpful. It is nice to know someone who lives in an Eichler. He has come by a few times to check in and make sure everything is going smoothly and that we are adjusting well. He knows the neighborhood and is interested helping with anything like where to buy certain things for the house, or how to save some money on home improvement purchases. Thanks Jeff!


Jeffrey Crussell is the Best!

I have purchased and sold four homes over the years and the common thread of those transactions is that it’s a lot of hard work. From preparing a home for sale, having a great marketing plan, negotiating the offer and acceptance and staying on top of all the details it takes to get a transaction closed, there are many opportunities for things to go sideways! Another thing I have learned over time is that not all realtors are created equal. Unfortunately, by the time you discover that you don’t have the person you want or need, it is usually too late. Agreements have been signed and you are stuck with who you have got. Jeffrey recently sold a home for my family in Orange and I was constantly amazed at the thought and effort that he put into every aspect of the process. It was like having another me to handle all of the things that I didn’t have the time or the knowledge to handle myself. Jeffrey’s involvement made all of the difference between the successful outcome we had and what could have been a very trying time. I really don’t think we could have done it without him! If you are looking for a realtor to help you get the job done, look no further. Jeffrey Crussell is the best!

Charles Albano

Over the many, many years in SoCal [Kim all her life], we have both had the pleasure of working with many excellent realtors.

With now five house purchases between us, we have a bit of experience and field data to work from ;) We want to take a moment to thank our realtor extraordinaire- Jeffrey Crussell . To say the cliché that Jeffrey went “above and beyond the call of duty” is an understatement. We think the word that best describes what makes Jeffrey unique is ‘trust’. We trust all of our realtors- they are dealing with our finances and our lives…. but Jeffrey took that to a whole new level. He made, what is normally one of the most stressful times in an adult life, and what was exacerbated by the physical and emotional toll of Kim’s chemo treatments, as stress-free as humanly possible. His calm demeanor is a perfect match for fussy, particular, and stressed out clients [that would be us if you have not already figured it out]. He easily guided us through an incredibly thorough and complicated process. He explained everything in layman’s terms, more like a friend than a business partner. We felt extremely comfortable with even the most sensitive of matters. Jeffrey has a philosophy of “everybody wins”, and it makes all the difference in the world. He states that a lot of his clients become and remain friends after the transaction, and now we understand why. Everybody does indeed win. His code of ethics is unparalleled and only matched by his commitment to his clients’ satisfaction. We could not recommend Jeffrey at a higher level. Especially for Eichlers/Mid-Century Modern homes. Jeffrey has lived in one for 17 years, and knows these homes inside out. He personally knows all the sources of hard-to-find outdated Eichler and MCM paraphernalia and components. Combine that with the fact the he is an architectural designer, and you get the MOST knowledgeable source for MCM/Eichler real estate [though he represents all types of styles and clients]. We hope to never leave our wonderful new home. But if we do, there is only one call we would make. We are glad to call him friend and neighbor. Bryan and Kim Cantley

Kim + Bryan Cantley

Working with Jeffrey was a pleasure he was motivated, hard-working, and polite.

He helped my husband & I buy our first home. All the while, he is extremely knowledgeable, and easy to reach out to for any questions. Feeling grateful that he was my realtor. Overall, I couldn't be happier. Thank you Jeffrey!

Mrs. Haskell
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